Scheduled For Release 2017-08-31
0000037: [Feature Request] Fade out Logo in lower right of screen (roy86)
0000051: [Feature Error] Pylon Magazine List Is Too Complete Now (Every mag in the game shows) (roy86)
0000032: [Feature Request] Call marker class name for position in other subclasses I.E. Groups (roy86)
0000061: [Other] Two Redeploy map details (roy86)
0000041: [Feature Error] action message does not come up for lap top or large screen (roy86)
0000042: [Feature Error] Revive/Redeployment Module Issues (roy86)
0000058: [Feature Request] Additional of recruitable AI units for smaller teams of players (roy86)
0000057: [Feature Request] Dynamic view distance not available in vanilla Patrol Ops 4 version (roy86)
0000055: [Feature Request] Vehicle Depot Doesn't Show RHS Vehicle Variants (roy86)
0000034: [Other] Patrol Operations 4.0 Beta Punch List (roy86)
0000025: [Script Request] Increase radius for SAD wp to trigger. (roy86)
0000015: [Feature Request] Location Type Valley to Map configs (roy86)
0000019: [Script Error] Player Role Error (roy86)
0000047: [Script Error] "Variable '_display' does not support serialization." (roy86)
0000064: [Other] Chat box spam bluefor damage/death (roy86)
0000029: [Other] Radio tower spawns in rocks (roy86)
0000063: [Feature Error] Unable to Open Mission Operations (roy86)
0000049: [Other] ACRE Fails after respawn (roy86)
0000060: [Feature Error] Chat box spam upon using the redeploy system (roy86)
0000052: [Feature Error] ReviveMP not fully healing. (roy86)
0000053: [Feature Error] Lose ability to search for intel and use body bags. (roy86)
0000054: [Other] Getting script data scrolling left side (roy86)
0000048: [Script Error] Disabling fatigue does not work (roy86)
0000043: [Feature Request] Virtual Depot magazines list not complete (roy86)
0000026: [Feature Error] Lose action menu (roy86)
       0000046: [Feature Error] Dedicated Linux: Base is missing redeploy point (roy86)
0000030: [Other] Player becomes friendly to OPFOR (roy86)
0000033: [Feature Request] [Optional] Disable of features for Zeus (roy86)
0000038: [Feature Error] Civs keep walking away when trying to converse (roy86)
0000036: [Other] Reployment by HALO missing (roy86)
0000044: [Feature Error] Armoury shares equipment between roles (roy86)
0000045: [Feature Request] Revive System Parameter (roy86)
0000031: [Other] Player does not sustain injury when in vehicle. (roy86)
0000028: [Script Error] Error with fn_respawnmp.sqf (roy86)
0000013: [Feature Request] Add action to search body for intel (roy86)
0000022: [Script Error] Missing variable for "call mpsf_fnc_removeVRTarget" (roy86)
0000007: [Script Error] Enemy spawn too close to players and base/safe zones (roy86)
0000009: [Feature Request] Currently only 1 task is allowed at a time (roy86)
0000014: [Feature Error] Some tasks return [0,0] position when should be a location (roy86)
0000012: [Other] Server performance is erratic with CPS from 12-50 (roy86)
       0000024: [Other] Poor server performance with high number of users (Data out surges) (roy86)
0000005: [Feature Request] Civilians run away when talking to (roy86)
0000021: [Feature Error] Error with editor placed bridge on Malden (roy86)
0000017: [Script Error] Missing Semi Colon in Conversation Config (roy86)
0000016: [Feature Request] Add ability to recover vehicles at depot when pylon interaction enabled (roy86)
0000001: [Feature Error] Virtual Depot setPos when locked moving players out of vehicles (roy86)
0000003: [Feature Error] addAction "Toss Ropes" appears on sea and ground vehicles. (roy86)
0000010: [Other] Remove Dev console (roy86)
0000004: [Script Error] Zero Divisor Civilian Interaction Error (roy86)
0000011: [Feature Error] Players are not dying due to init order (roy86)
0000008: [Script Request] Add marker to indicate bridge so players are aware of its existence (roy86)
0000002: [Feature Request] Auto assign task (roy86)
0000006: [Feature Error] 3D Icons are not displaying in MP making intel difficult to find (roy86)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-09-30
0000062: [Feature Request] Loadable ammobox creation in base for rearm supply play (roy86)
0000050: [Feature Request] Ability to save and load multiple pylon load outs, and other related features. (roy86)
0000039: [Feature Request] Interpreter mechanic (administrator)
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